Glastonbury Festival 2013 – Silverhayes – Site Management

The Brief.

Silverhayes Site Management (Glastonbury Festival, UK) – 2013/14

Silver Hayze Arena @ Glastonbury Festival – June 2013/14 – Somerset, England – Site Manager from Parachute International – 25,000+ People


Silver Hayes has an amazing line-up with hundreds of global artists. The world’s best techno, dance and global acts perform in the flagship Sonic Stage. The Wow! stage features underground dance and has daily boat parties, while La Pussy Parlure Noveau features global acts plus the best new UK and EU live acts and DJs. Gully Outer-national features live reggae and DJ’s and The Blues has that carnival feel with plenty of Dancehall and Dub. Plus, of course, the BBC Introducing stage showcases some of the best new music acts.

Parachute’s Goose McGrath (Site Manager in 2013), set new standards in this amazing arena, before the Parachute team fulfilled the requirements in 2014.

See below for more info on one of the installations in the Silver Hayze area, “The Ancestor”

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