Boomtown Festival 2015 – Site Management

Boomtown Festival 2015 – Site Management

Boomtown Site Management
The Parachute International Team were an integral part of the Site and Infrastructure Management at the 2015 Boomtown Festival. Goose McGrath as overall Site Manager and Geordie Barker as Hilltop Site Manager were backed up by a number of the Australian and British Parachute International team. The site team included over 60 personnel from heavy machinery operators to scaffolders and labourers.

Boomtown has nine districts set across a green field site outside of Winchester in the South of England. Districts include Barrio Loco, Chinatown, Mayfair Avenue, Old Town, Whistlers Green, Kidztown, Trenchtown, Dstrkt 5, Wild West and Sunrise Arena. Each of these area features micro and nano venues themed to match the respective district.

Boomtown features 22 Stages & Arenas, from a myan temple (Lions Den) dedicated to Reggae, thru to the new Bang Hai Palace blasting out Drum n Bass. Boomtown encoumpasses genres including Ska, Reggae, Folk, World, Hip-Hop, Drum n Bass, Jungle, Garage and so much more.

Build & Break
A four and a half week build, one week operate and three week pack down resulted in an amazingly inspirational event for 50,000 patrons. The reviews of this festival speak wonders of the coordinated site and art elements, and the success of onsite services such as toilets, showers, water and welfare.

The official after video is below. You can read more about Boomtown at

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Boomtown 2015 Official After Video

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